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Squamish Success – Mountain Biking Tourism

January 30th, 2014

MTB Tourism Squamish

Mountain biking injects $8 million into Squamish – Pique news magazine article

It would seem that Squamish is seeing the benefits of Mountain Biking Tourism as a beneficial revenue generator for their community. I wonder if the CRD wants to get in on this??

“An economic impact study conducted by Squamish’s off-road cycling association suggests the community benefits to the tune of $8 million in direct spending thanks to mountain bike riders.”

“Volunteers with the mountain bike club generated this figure by interviewing 451 bike riders over the Labour Day long weekend at three popular trails in the Squamish area. As well, automated counters were installed on the trails. The counters tallied 1,339 bike riders on the three trails over the course of the long weekend. The Squamish Off Road Cycling Association (SORCA) reported that 75 per cent of the people interviewed were non-residents.”

Impressive numbers, and I am sure only a drop in the bucket of what is possible? If a progressive city like Squamish can do this, why can’t we? MORE TRAILS and the visitors will come. World class bike parks and DH parks and the riders will come.

Read the whole article here.


images and text from Pique news magazine article Jan 23 2014

Vandals Damage Popular Vedder Mountain Trails

January 24th, 2014

From the “Vedder Mountain Trails Association Website”

Damaged TTF's

“Sometime between the late afternoon of Friday December 27 and the morning of Saturday December 28, an unidentified vandal used a chainsaw to damage the landing area of the gap jump that has defined the end of the Skidder mountain bike trail since 1998. This rendered this feature a significant potential danger to a rider who might have attempted to ride on the feature. Fortunately this was discovered early and the trail was blocked for the protection of riders. As this was a malicious act that appeared to have no purpose but to harm mountain bike riders, reports were made to RCMP and the Recreation Sites and Trails BC manager was informed. A large contingent of volunteers from Fraser Valley Mountain Bike Association, Vedder Running Club, Chilliwack Outdoor Club and several VMTA Directors and Officers attended on the following Saturday to rehabilitate the damaged trail. The end result was an even better and definitely a fun modification to this old-timey trail.   And so ended a great day of cooperative effort to mitigate damage caused by Cro-Magnons with very small brains and even smaller consciences.  We all left happy and fulfilled”

“Unfortunately, this past weekend saw yet more trail vandalism. This time the iconic Dilemma mountain bike trail that dates back to the early 1990’s was the target. Again chain saws were employed to create the damage to several technical trail features and this was carried out sometime between the evening of Tuesday January 14 and Wedneday morning January 15. The way the features were damaged was consistent with the damage done on the Skidder Trail making it clear that the same individual(s) perpetrated this most recent crime.   In this iteration of trail vandalism, 4 features were damaged. In 3 of the cases the damage was done in such a way that if a rider were to have ridden on the feature, it would have collapsed in on them likely leading to significant harm for the rider. The 4th feature was a rebuild of a very old feature commonly known as the Super Booter. It was only partially completed and all of the logs that were brought into place to be employed in the build were sawed into small pieces rendering them useless. ”

The rest of this post can be found here.

This is not OK. This could have very seriously injured a rider, or worse. Please if you have any information on this incident, contact the VMTA or the local RCMP.


images and text from the VMTA website.

The Cowichan Trail Stewardship Society

October 20th, 2013


So you say you haven’t yet heard of “The Cowichan Trail Stewardship Society“? Well up until not too long ago neither had I. I knew there was existing trails, and some new building going on up on Maple Mountain, but I did not know about all of the Advocacy and behind the scenes work going on up there. The Cowichan Trail Stewardship Society has signed a license of occupation with the Municipality of North Cowichan. Under this license they have worked at building what sounds like a pretty amazing new multi use trail, a 9 kilometer trail I might add. Well done to all involved! “Saturday, Oct. 26 marks the official opening of the new mountain bike and hiking trail running from the top of Maple Mountain to the parking area on Osborne Bay Road”.


I worked for many years behind the scenes on trail access and related issues. I spent countless hours organizing and volunteering my time in the pursuit of sustainable and accessible multi use trails in our region, and to see this happening so close to home is awesome! I know how much hard work these folks are doing, so from all of us not yet out there helping…thanks! I think I need to get more involved in this stuff! I have sadly been off the bike and out of the loop on a lot of local goings on, and this is pretty exciting stuff!


For more info you can check out The Cowichan Trail Stewardship Society page on Facebook and be sure to check out the Cowichan Valley Citizen article on this here. Oh and there are a ton of photos on their Facebook page to give you a good idea of what is going on up there. More details here as soon as I know more.


Mountain Bike Tourism Symposium Takes Shape

April 1st, 2013


Mountain Bike Tourism Symposium Takes Shape

- Progressive themes and engaging speakers ready to help mountain biking sector grow -

Vancouver, BC – March 21, 2013The Western Canada Mountain Bike Tourism Association (MBTA) in partnership with Recreation Sites and Trails BC, Tourism British Columbia, International Mountain Bicycling Association Canada, Royal Roads University, and District of Sooke is proud to present the BC Mountain Bike Tourism Symposium at the Best Western Premier – Prestige Oceanfront Resort in Sooke, BC, May 26-28, 2013.  British Columbia has gained much attention worldwide for its significant role in mountain biking.  The program of the Symposium is entitled “Progression”. It speaks to the opportunity for stakeholders and experts to gather and share insights and knowledge about how to progress toward a more sustainable and viable mountain bike tourism sector. » Read more: Mountain Bike Tourism Symposium Takes Shape

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