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VIMB Mt Washington Trip Video

August 28th, 2010

Mt Washington Aug 15 2010

Hello All,
Checkout this sweet Go Pro chesty cam video from the last trip the VIMB team took to Mt Washington! Thanks Pelle and Russ for hooking this up with this riding day diary. Too bad the batteries died so soon!
Bumpity Bump!!

Vimb Trip 2010 from Pelle Gustavs on Vimeo.

Vimb hits Mt. Washington


Y.A.N.A. Century Ride 2010

August 10th, 2010


If there was ever a type of charity worth getting behind and supporting, it is surely one that benefits children. One that benefits children in your community is even better, and one that benefits sick children and their families locally is a home run in my books! While helping those abroad is without question needed and admirable, helping those in your community just feels right. To that end Blacks Cycle up in the Comox Valley has been supporting You Are Not Alone (Y.A.N.A.) for the past few years by leveraging their annual Century Ride as a fundraiser for this worthwhile charity.

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Aaron LaRocque Goat Style 2010

August 7th, 2010

I came across this video in my e-mail in the Banshee Bikes Industry Insider newsletter/blog update. The Banshee Blog page is always a good source for sweet riding video and photos. Aaron LaRocque (of What’s Next fame) has done a number of sweet promo and bike scene videos with and for Banshee, and they are all worth a watch.

Some very impressive jumping and stunting in this video, enjoy!


Video Credit: Banshee Blog, Pinkbike and Aaron LaRocque

Earth Ramp Bike Parks

August 6th, 2010

Earth Ramp Bike Parks

I stumbled across the Earth Ramp Bike Parks site on another MTB website just today. It is great to see riders being able to make a living or to suppliment their incomes by doing what they do for their recreation. I once read that when you do what you love for a living, you never have to work another day in your life! I am also stoked to see yet another Dirt Jump and Bike Specific park going up in Vanier Park in Vancouver. The sport is definately becoming more mainstream than it ever has been, and gaining acceptance by the powers that be. I am super happy to see local municipal governments buying into the sport, and supporting this on a large scale. There are tangible benefits to supporting our sport in tourism dollars, more bikes being sold, and all of the bits to support those tourists and new bike not to mention Red Bull sales must be off the hook!

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