Hello Everyone.
The time has finally come to say goodbye to VIMB.com (at least for now).

Vancouver Island Mountain Biking started out as a fun group of like-minded riders looking for a place to chat and share ideas. It ended up a strong community with a solid local following and good membership numbers. Lots of people from all over the world contacting me for information on local trails and where to visit and ride. Lots of years, rides and many many posts and links later it has faded into history along with many other sites that were once the mainstay of my online time.

The mighty Facebook and other “Social Media” seems to be where all the kool kids are hanging out these days. VIMB too has a Facebook presence, which sadly attracts about 2000% more interest and traffic as this site did in recent months. Thanks for your interest, support, friendship and for checking us out over the years. For your continued VIMB.com fix, be sure to check out the Facebook Page and who knows, maybe one day VIMB will be back in some form? For now… goodbye and thanks for the memories!

Co-Founder and Current Owner